And So It Begins…

Well this is my 1st Blog, actually Explorer House’s 1st Blog as well! So what does one Blog about? What do people want to hear about? Perhaps how we came to be Explorer House, or about our passion for travel? For us, I guess, they are both related.

I think my passion for travel started when I was just a kid, when I had the opportunity to start to explore Canada, and then later on when working in Norway, Poland, the United States and the Philippines. I have been lucky enough to have experienced 55+ countries, and the one thing in common that always makes exploring each and every one of these countries special, is the people. The people you meet who help you see their country in the way they see it … not just the usual tourist spots but finding some of the secret hidden gems – be it a local market, a favorite small restaurant or a not so popularized scenic look-out. It is the local people that you meet and share a smile with that makes the difference when you travel and how you experience and explore a place. Our most recent trip was to Peru and I am often asked what was my favorite part of the trip. The answer to that is numerous small moments…meeting a local weaving family at Lake Titicaca, visiting a hidden wildlife sanctuary in the Amazon, trying for the first time a local fruit with our guide and now friend, etc. Don’t get me wrong – Machu Picchu is awesome, but it is the little moments that you really remember and treasure. So with that philosophy in mind Explorer House came to be what it is…a celebration of travel…an opportunity for us to be able to help our guests to experience and explore Niagara.

Deanna Bishop

4 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

  1. I am so excited to tap into your travels. Jim and I have done a fair amount around this beautiful world and we too have your approach to travel. I usually put together our itinerary and Jim luckily will drive anywhere, even on the other side of the road!

    Have not been to South America yet so very interested in your travels there.

    We will see you in September!

    Jim and Shauna Nelson from So. Calif.

    • Thanks Shauna,

      We have loved all the countries we have visited in both South & Central America. Looking forward to chatting with you about your travels as well!

      See you in September,Deanna

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